The playlists

Since Live365 went away at the start of the year, I’ve been trying to find an inexpensive and easy way to keep sharing music on the Web., which houses playlists I upload, is the closest to ideal I’ve found so far.

After a scrambling kind of start, I’ve settled toward 35- to 65-song playlists. There are a couple longer and a couple shorter, but that’s a range that seems to keep my interest and give some kind of heft to the perspective of the theme.

Oh, the image with this post? It’s Stevie Wonder in 1974 or so. I couldn’t find anything I found cooler. It’s my avatar at I’d be amused if anyone thought it was me.

Here’s the playlists so far. I’m open to criticisms and suggestions.

Soul and R&B ear candy (Some of the most fantastic rhythm & blues of the 20th century. My most popular mix on the site.)
Best of my best (50 tracks from my 40 favorite albums ever.)

The mid-1970s that you don’t remember
The mid-1970s that you don’t remember Vol. II 
The mid-1970s that you don’t remember Vol. III
1970s deeper rock cuts 

Best Beatles covers (including Nos. 1 and 1a right at the start)
Meat The Beatles-esque
Power pop (An assortment of my favorite songs from my favorite genre.)
EPIC: 5:00-plus (Songs that run over five minutes. And “Epic.”)
Alternate universe numbers 1s (They weren’t, but should have been)

Short, sweet and brilliant (Songs that run under 120 seconds)
Oh God (Songs with “God” in the title)
The Cooper mix: A rock and roll starter set (designed for young teens and those about to be)
The rain mix (Celebrate or be depressed by the weather)
Two-for-Tuesday I (Two or more versions of the same song.)
Christmas (A secular collection)


New Wave
When you’re smiling (They have the word in their title)
Glittery Alpacas Gather (A glorious mess of 360 tracks I cram-loaded when I first started playing with the site. The name is what Instagram generated as a possible user name for myself.)


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