What’s here

Nothing Bright about it
Ranking The Beatles
Will Durst’s historic joke
‘Roy Rogers’
Once he was the King of Spain
That time I pissed off people over Kurt Cobain
Magical Hooverphonic Tour

All I want is a perfect jukebox
‘I Want You Back (Alive)’
Artist or ass? Maybe both.
Here’s a bunch of year-end lists
The 8tracks.com playlists
The complete 2015 ‘365 Favorite Albums’ list
Cocteau Twins, and a piece of burnt toast on a wire
Pop sound tinged with heartbreak – The Format (No. 83)
Barbara Bailey Hutchison
‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’

Live-blogging ‘Beatles 1/+,’ disc two
Live-blogging ‘Beatles 1/+,’ disc one
Ten cover versions I prefer to the original 
‘Roger Waters The Wall’ The Movie The Review
Have you heard of these?
Linda Ronstadt
Havin’ a heat wave
Sing along! ‘I don’t want to shop for groceries.’
‘Sgt. Pepper’ is here!
Ranking Elvis Costello’s albums
‘Imaginary Lover,’ the Fleetwood Mac hit no one knows

The breakdown of ‘I’m Alive’ from ‘Xanadu’
I love Freddie
What a concept: The best concept albums on The Big List
What did that Tweet mean?
I Used To Be A King
Live radio, courtesy ME
‘Free Your Mind’
‘That was subtle’
How long is it? That’s a bit of a personal question, isn’t it?
My alternate tale of ‘Daniel’

Happy birthday, Shawn Mullins
Ranking The Beatles
Van the Man
My 24 favorite Steely Dan songs
Best of the 1980s 
Losing a song. Watch it now, Kay.
Breaking up with an album
It’s hardly static
Linda Ronstadt’s ‘Simple Dreams’
The end of that story. Kind of. 

One thing I love makes fun of another thing I love
My first Dylan instruction and Anita Ekberg 
In simpatico. Unless.
What I bring to the party. (Everybody duck) 
Gene Cotton
‘Paint the Sky Green’
10cc: No, life is not a minestrone
‘Already One’ 
So, speaking of ‘Halo of Flies’ …
Why we’re here


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