Live-blogging ‘Beatles 1/+,’ disc two

First impressions on first viewing.

“Twist and Shout”
Look at those shadows. What the heck kind of lighting was being used here? Again, it’s looking like “John Lennon and …”

“Baby It’s You”
From the BBC set(s). Interesting combination of stills and oddly colored film footage, including the lads outside of “BBC Paris.” As exciting as this ought to be, it doesn’t do a thing for me. Even the Paris footage just goes on pointlessly.

“Words of Love”
Looks like a new clip enhanced from existing sources. The Paris footage turns up again. There’s color effects dropped into black and white footage. This is patently awful. If there has to be something lousy here, I guess it’s acceptable that it’s this. I hope this is the last one like this though. At least it was short.

“Please Please Me”
From “Ed Sullivan.” Nice to see John re-tuning his guitar as the song starts. You can really tell that Lennon can’t see anything, can’t you?

“I Feel Fine”
The legendary fish and chips clip! This was filmed during their lunch time. So food came, they ate, and they were filmed. I’m surprised there’s not more footage like this around.

“Day Tripper”
The fuck? Cheerleaders dancing in a monkeybar set? I don’t know. The boys, of course, are consummate professionals. This is when they knew they were good at this, and didn’t mind this kind of mimicking. I expect this period lasted about week for them. This clip is wholly new to me.

“Day Tripper”
Yes! Yes! This is the fantastic one. I love these jackets, and this set makes me howl. Ringo whaps away at the tambourine, and near the end, takes out a saw and begins deconstructing the set. Silly and superb. I always dug the song, too. Aspiring guitarists: Don’t try to mimic George’s fingering.

“We Can Work It Out”
Same day as “Day Tripper”? Probably. Lennon’s mugging is wonderful. I know these two clips better than the “official” versions. Lennon does his best Peter Sellers at the end.

“Paperback Writer”
Oh! The “Ed Sullivan” introduction and clip. David Crosby stole his entire look from John Lennon in this clip, right? And The Ramones were all modeling themselves after George? Call me crazy, but I love the shades. There is nothing about them not to love.

Wow. How clean is this? This is exactly as gorgeous as I’d hoped after seeing the “Paperback Writer” clip on the first disc. There is actually dimension in this clip. And some sunshine that I never knew was there.

This is kind of a template for the “Revolution” clip a couple of years later, isn’t it? George is even wearing close to the same thing.

“Strawberry Fields Forever”
This remains one of their most astonishing accomplishments. What the hell is going on? I don’t know. It looks and feels as otherwordly as the song. And then the paint at the end? How much more fantastic this looks cleaned up. Whole-hearted applause.

“Within You Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows”
The “Love” mashup, which is the best thing about “Love,” as far as I’m concerned. This is a whole new and great song. The video doesn’t do much to enhance the experience, but I don’t know what kind of video could.

“A Day in the Life”
Seeing this so clean – even with the weird light effects and stuff at the start – is amazing, kind of a holy grail. There’s Mick and Marianne. And Donovan. None of us can ever know what kind of substances were being consumed here. I’m stunned the musicians went along with the masks and stuff. Mike Nesmith. More Mike Nesmith. Another one of those I won’t mind watching repeatedly. It’s fantastic.

“Hello Goodbye”
Not in their “Pepper” outfits, but in their 1966 finery. Again, a terrific job cleaning this up. But the Hawaiian girls are back. Did they really think this sounded Hawaiian?

“Hello Goodbye”
The wacky blooper version. I’ve long suspected this was enforced watching for The Monkees at some point. The improved visuals show how cheap the set is, though.

“Hey Bulldog”
Wow. Proof that this is where the “Lady Madonna” footage came from. This is extra cool. Alternate audio mix too.

“Hey Jude”
It’s the minute differences that make it beautiful. John is really in the moment. George too. Nice. The best song McCartney ever wrote. Ever. I’d prefer to see more of the lads and less of the crowd, but what a way to capture a moment. Wish I was in this video.

The one. The genuine live performance. The clip was clean for “Anthology,” but so what? This is a rock and roll band. I think this is superior to every released version. I find McCartney is kind of trying to steal the show a bit, but I don’t mind. Those backing vocals are punk. How much of this recording is in the red?

“Get Back”
They worked hard to find three minutes of “Let It Be” clips where the boys don’t look like they hate each other. It works. It’s fine. This is even more fun than the rooftop version.

“Don’t Let Me Down”
Rooftop version. Is this the one where John screws up the second verse? Nope. Nice nevertheless. Not significantly cleaner to my eye.

“Free as a Bird”
I always enjoyed the video more than the song. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but given what it represented to me at the time (a new Beatles song), I was more enraptured by images. This was just a couple of pieces of John and Paul songs tied together loosely. I’ve always wondered what John might have done with this song singing it for real, instead of this demo.

“Real Love”
I don’t know that I’ve ever seen this. I always preferred this of the reunion songs. I’m not sure seeing it has significantly touched my arts lover.


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