‘That was subtle’

The first time my friend Mike Mangan heard this song was when I played it when we were doing a radio program together.

I loved the song. I always liked The Beach Boys. More than Mike, I always suspected. I thought this might be like playing “Feel Flows” or ” ‘Til I Die.’ It might be the kind of song that would appeal to Mike, who always liked the ’50s rock stuff more than I did. Any time you play “Feel Flows” for somebody who only knows the hits, they’ll say. “THIS is The Beach Boys?” I’ve done it a dozen times.

But I picked this.

Mike listened, motionless, as the vinyl spun. I opened the microphones as the song faded, and as I took a breath to begin speaking, Mike sneaked in ahead of me and said three small words:

“That was subtle.”

I started laughing, and couldn’t stop. Not only had Mike figured out what I was trying to do, but he also managed a subtle yet hilarious bit of sarcasm to make damn sure that I knew he knew what I was trying to do. Furthermore, we both knew I was better than pulling a stunt like that.

Still laughing now.


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