Losing a song. Watch it now, Kay.

How did I lose this song? Where did it go?

“Kerry” is a deep cut from the Daryl Hall and John Oates album “Bigger Than Both of Us.” (It’s not on The Big List. It’s on the list of albums that maybe could have made the list.)

I don’t know when I lost “Kerry,”  but I remember how much I listened to it repeatedly. Like so much of what Daryl Hall and John Oates did at the time, I found myself immersed in a world of a a man chasing a lovely and loving yet distant female, putting his frustration into song.

I loved the chorus:

Oh Kerry you can carry on
Just don’t get carried away
Oh Kerry, it’s O.K. to carry on
But don’t get carried away,
watch it now, Kay oh Kerry

Nowadays for me, that’s kind of Elvis Costello-lite at its worst. But back in 1976, that passed for profound and clever. And that was enough. I loved the silver album (No. 113 on The Big List), and “Bigger Than Both Of Us” had the advantage of “Back Together Again” (probably the best single they never released), “Rich Girl” and drums that sounded more like drums than cardboard boxes getting whapped.

But for as much as “Kerry” burrowed its way into my skull via repeated listens, it went away until suddenly charging back in this week while I listened to the album.

My theory is it was just holding space until something critical came in to replace it. So if that was a song like Shooter Jennings’ “All of This Could Have Been Yours,”  both songs served a spectacular purpose, and I’m glad they’re both still in my head.

(By the way, I had the Shooter Jennings song as part of the fantastic album “Black Ribbons,” No. 152 on The Big List. But if you came to it via “Sons of Anarchy,” good for you, and by the way, isn’t it a great song?)


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