It’s hardly static

Is Tim’s Big List set in stone?

What fun would that be?

Although I had an alarming stretch a few days ago. I’ve been randomly pulling out albums on the list and listening to them. For the most part, this is a wonderful exercise. My ear picks out details I don’t remember, or (even better) I hear something I hadn’t heard before.

(I guess it’s not always better. As I listened to Roger Miller’s “Reincarnation,” the vocal didn’t sound right to me. I’ve heard it in my head all along with reverb.  I can’t find any version of the song to match the one that’s been in my head for 50 years. This is slightly troubling.)

On the recent day that alarmed me, I picked out a half-dozen albums, and none of them appealed to me. None of them sounded as good as I remembered. (While I don’t recall every album, I know Styx’s “Equinox” and the first Pretenders album were two of them.)

Does that mean those albums are in the wrong place? I’m not suggesting that. Yet. For almost six months, I spent extensive time eyeballing the list and making sure things were where I thought they should be. I think I was on the nose 97 percent of the time.

I might not have been in the mood for those albums at the time. I may listen to them again this week and think, “What was my problem?” Or I may listen to them again and drop them lower or off the list altogether. I never intended this to be a monument.

(Hooverphonic was the one band that came out of my two years of listening to a new album daily that ended up making a dent on the list. A friend suggested it would be interesting to see in a year or five years if I still regarded the band so highly. I agree.)


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