The end of that story. Kind of.

So the post a couple of weeks back about agreeing with a trio of comedians about any number of things regarding art and even life.  (At least that was the intention. It seems maybe I drifted a bit.) I also wrote:

But there’s one thing any or all three could say that could make me re-evaluate any number of my suppositions. In fact, one already did.

That “one thing” would be praise for the comedian Larry the Cable Guy.

Many many years ago – before 9/11, and before his humor shifted into some kind of strange place indiscernible to me – Dennis Miller was the cause of some intense vitriol from a co-worker. I argued with him briefly, then gave up, thinking, “What an odd thing to hate – Dennis Miller, of all people.”

But now I know how he felt. It’s got to be similar to the way I feel about Larry the Cable Guy, whose act is so wrong to me, it goes beyond offensive. I’m not bothered by his act as much as I’m bothered by his existence. I know. Unreasonable and unnecessarily intense.

A few years ago, Stanhope did a regular e-mail letter to his fans, and one month he mentioned Larry the Cable Guy. I was initially delighted, thinking Stanhope would rail on everything I hated about Larry the Cable Guy. We were, Stanhope and I, after all, simpatico.

But Stanhope was protective of the comic, and was really more troubled by Larry the Cable Guy fans coming to Stanhope shows and yelling “Get ‘r dun,” or randomly yelling it in public. I didn’t get what I wanted.

Moreover, were the other two comedians I mentioned in the earlier piece (Greg Proops and Patton Oswalt) to say to me, “You need to look again at Larry the Cable Guy’s act, you’re missing something,” there are a lot of things I’d have to spend a lot of time re-evaluating.

I hope that doesn’t happen.


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