‘Paint the Sky Green’

Because this belongs here more than anywhere else.

This was posted on Facebook by singer Julie Rust.

I just recorded a SoundCloud this morning about “rules in art class.” It’s not up yet – SoundCloud is having a wacky day. But Rusty Rust was told in 1st grade that green and blue clash (can you believe it?) and I was told in 3rd grade that “stems aren’t brown – your flower must be dead. You need to go outside and look at some flowers!” Anyone else have any dumb art rule stories?
I responded:
Seems to me somebody wrote a really great song about dumb art rules. I just wish I could remember who that was …
It was, in fact, Rust. She wrote the song which I first heard performed by Barbara Bailey Hutchison, another singer-songwriter who is among my favorites. Rust came to Decatur for one of Hutchison’s appearances, and we hit it off immediately. At one point I ended up talking to her about the song.
Julie’s response to me:
2 versions, too! I seem to remember giving you a private concert for that 2nd version 🙂
And she was exactly correct. That had happened. As we talked about the song, Julie asked if I’d like to hear the song. I mumbled something about hoping to see her in concert sometime, and she said, “No. Now,” and pointed back toward the auditorium where there had just been a concert.
My wife and I looked at each other, and raced back into the auditorium. And yes, I wept as we received a private performance of this beautiful song.
My next comment to Julie on the thread.
Indeed Julie. It remains one of my five most treasured music memories. I even get a little choked up thinking about it now.
And for the record, the other four treasured memories would be:

* My first “The Wall” concert

 * An evening of dinner, drinks and song with Barbara Bailey Hutchison and Gene Cotton (in which they made me sing along with their songs and play one of mine)
* The first time I sat down for drinks and discussion with Mike Jarvis of The Lackloves
* Hearing Robyn Hitchcock perform “Raymond Chandler Evening” for the first time

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