Why we’re here

Somewhere on the Web is a person who speaks directly to you.

That person may not be there all the time. And there might only be one thing on which you agree. But man, that person taps into a special place for you, and the buzz from knowing you’re not alone is enough to make you tolerate another half-hour of pop-ups and stunningly obnoxious videos that start before the page is even fully loaded, so you can’t even see where to click to shut the thing off.

A while ago, I came across a site where someone was giving 10 reasons why “Halo of Flies” is the best song on Alice Cooper’s “Killer” album. (Currently No. 94 on The Big List.) “Halo of Flies” is not the best song on “Killer.” It’s not even one of the top two songs on its side. (“Under My Wheels” and “Be My Lover” are better, and “Desperado” is pretty good. That’s all part of what makes “Killer” a fantastic album.)

But that someone was passionate enough to write intelligently about “Halo of Flies” made me feel fantastic. And not quite so alone.

So that’s part of why this is here. It’s a companion piece to my 2015 365 project, listing my favorite albums from 1 to 365. (And posting them in reverse order, of course, to heighten the suspense. But to be less of a jerk about it, I’ll regularly post what the top 20 is. If that’s all you want to know about me, or if knowing that is more than enough, that information will be available.)

This could be a nice little journey. Let’s go.


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